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Sean is Pro-Life and has 100% voting record on pro-life legislation.


Gun Rights

Sean has been a strong advocate for the 2nd Amendment in the Mississippi legislature. He has received an “A” Rating from and been endorsed by the NRA   The NRA has also recognized Sean for not only introducing pro-2nd Amendment legislation, but also advocating helping to secure the passage of many pro-2nd amendment bills in the legislature.

Sean has voted for legislation establishing constitutional carry in Mississippi, limiting the data maintained by firearm dealers after a firearms purchase, and allowing for constitutional right to hunt and fish.



Sean is a product of Mississippi public schools and his children currently attend public school.   Sean believes that all children in Mississippi deserve an opportunity for a quality education regardless of where they live or how much their parents earn. While Sean believes education must be adequately funded, he also believes there must be more accountability in our lower performing districts.   Sean also believes that schools standards and curriculum should be developed by teachers, parents, and experts, not politicians.

Sean has voted for legislation appropriating a record amount of funding to our public schools, limiting data-mining of student’s personal information, creating a commission to recommend a new set of standards for Mississippi, allowing home schooled children to participate in public school activities and sports,   requiring 3rd graders to read proficiently before being promoted to the 4th grade, allowing for charter schools in low performing district, and allowing parents of special needs children to have more educational choices.

For more information regarding Sean’s thoughts on education, please review his responses the Parents Campaign Survey (link).


Economy and Job Creation

Sean believes that in order to have a strong economy and create jobs, Mississippi must continue to create environment where businesses can thrive.  This includes reducing taxes to attract new businesses and prevent current businesses from leaving. Education is a key component of a maturing economy as well.   Therefore, to attract quality employers, Mississippi must have enough skilled labor to fill their job demands.

Sean has voted for legislation improving workforce development and training, revising our workers compensation laws, creating the Mississippi Workers First Act, creating healthcare business zones, and approving a variety of tax cuts and incentives current and new industries in our State.


Small Business

Having been raised in a home with small business owners and being a small business owner himself, Sean fully understands and appreciates the trials and tribulations faced by the number one creator of jobs in our state, small businesses.  Sean believes that we must offer tax abatements for businesses choosing to remain in Mississippi and expand their small businesses.  Sean has witnessed firsthand the benefits of small business incubator programs to entrepreneurs.  By offering discounted rents to small business owners and educational classes on available grants and SBA loans, entrepreneurs are able to develop the necessary skills to start and maintain a successful business.  Sean supports legislation, providing additional state funding for such incubator programs throughout Mississippi.

Sean has voted for legislation removing the licensing and inspection requirements for certain small home bakers and canners that sell their products to the public, eliminating the inventory tax, and protecting of limited liability laws for small companies.



Sean supports LEGAL immigration.  Sean would support any legislation that forbids illegal immigrants from being employed in our State, including legislation holding employers of illegal immigrants accountable.



As a former assistant district attorney, Sean has prosecuted thousands of criminals.  Sean was also active in the formation of the first drug court in South Mississippi.  Sean believes in legislation that is tough on crime.  Sean will support legislation aimed at truth in sentencing for the perpetrators of violent and sexual crimes to ensure those criminals serve their entire sentence.  Sean also supports legislation aimed at rehabilitation for drug offenders and alternative sentencing programs for first time non-violent offenders.

Sean has voted for legislation creating 2nd degree murder in Mississippi, requiring certain sex offenders to wear GPS ankle monitors, and disallowing non-adjudicated sentences for those entering guilty pleas to public corruption charges.



Sean is a homeowner in Harrison County and knows firsthand how high homeowners insurance premiums have risen since Katrina.  Sean would support federal legislation for the creation of a national multi-peril insurance policy.  Sean would also support legislation aimed at opening insurance markets across state lines in order to spread the risk associated with hurricanes and tornadoes across a larger segment of the population.

Sean introduced the Clarity Act in the Senate and secured the passage of the House’s companion bill in the Senate in 2015. Sean has also voted for statewide building codes that reduces insurance rates along the Coast.